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Gitmo retreat

To Congressman Jerry Moran for jumping on the Gitmo “not in my backyard” bandwagon. Ever since President Barack Obama ordered the closure of the Guantanamo Bay detention facility, legislators and city officials …

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Forum pick: From our online discussion board

Learning exercises, eh? To paraphrase a famous anti-war poem by a real warrior (Wilfrid Owen): ‘If you had to go door-to-door/& Inform the families of the deaths of fathers, sons, moms, & …

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Flight fright

To the White House for authorizing the Air Force One photo op over Manhattan. For allowing something so indescribably stupid, White House Military Office director Louis Caldera was right to resign. But …

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An armor opportunity

When Defense Secretary Robert Gates canceled the vehicle portion of the Army’s flagship Future Combat Systems (FCS) program, there was dismay among Army supporters on Capitol Hill and around the country — …

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Carrier culture shock

The Navy’s maritime strategy does not go far enough in reshaping the fleet

As the Obama administration formulates its approach to national security policy, it would do well to start with reading …

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Radio revolution

JTRS is essential to true joint operations

After World War I, the French built the Maginot Line, a series of defensive fortifications to guard against invasion by Germany or Italy. The French …

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Axing the FCS vehicles

It was the hardest decision he had to make, Defense Secretary Robert Gates told the Army War College as he explained why his 2010 budget proposal calls for the Future Combat Systems …

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Flashpoint: Satellite subterfuge

Space programs provide cover for long-range missile development

The famous Austrian psychiatrist Sigmund Freud is believed to have once said: “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar,” meaning that at times you …

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No mercy

Kill and destroy is valid policy against the pirate menace

The drama at sea that revolved around the taking of the Maersk Alabama ended April 12 with the deaths of three of …

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Do as I do

Leaders can show that it’s OK to seek mental health care

Suicide and access to mental health care in the military have drawn significant media attention over the last several years, resulting …

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