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Carpet bombing in cyberspace

Why America needs a military botnet

The world has abandoned a fortress mentality in the real world, and we need to move beyond it in cyberspace. America needs a network that can …

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Running on empty

We are likely standing today on the precipice of a radical shift. The U.S. must therefore prepare to endure — or to survive — the arrival of the event that will signal …

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Ending our oil dependency

Oil, and our reliance on it, is a catalyst for terrorism. Yet the U.S. military is powered, fueled and transported by it. Cmdr. Jeff Eggers urges a major research and development effort …

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The fuel gauge of national security

Military doctrine favors the indirect and unexpected path to decisive results, hence the prevalence of the flanking maneuver. As we are reminded nearly daily, the seemingly intractable problem of U.S. dependence on …

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Lies, damned lies and counterinsurgency

Not all insurgencies have been protracted affairs

It has become a matter of conventional wisdom that insurgencies last an average of 10 years and that the insurgents win about 40 percent of …

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Still playing politics

KC-45A tanker award outcry is misplaced

The initial shock may be over about the Air Force awarding the KC-45A tanker contract to Northrop Grumman and its prime subcontractor, Airbus parent EADS, but …

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Obsessed with tactics

The Navy neglects the importance of operational art

The Navy today is overly focused on the tactical employment of its combat forces, in its doctrine and practice. This might not be a …

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