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Profoundly insightful piece. This is precisely the type of examination that is regularly dismissed in the Pentagon both before and after the fact. It directly addresses multiple specific points that require consideration, …

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Fast forward to the robot dilemma

Technological capabilities have already placed semiautonomous robots in a number of key military roles. New developments will expand their capabilities and applications. Who is morally responsible for actions conducted by military robots …

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The dogmas of war

A rigid counterinsurgency doctrine obscures Iraq’s realities

There is an ensconced narrative of the Iraq war within the American military and print media that is hypercritical of the counterinsurgency part of the …

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To House Armed Services Committee chairman Ike Skelton, D-Mo.

For holding a hearing on the too-long-overlooked security threat posed by Pakistan.

Internal instability in Pakistan, a country believed to have enough fissile material for 55 to 90 nuclear weapons and long-range …

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