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Challenges and choices

Since the fall of the Taliban in November 2001, Afghan leaders and the international community have worked in concert to devise a political compact and an economic recovery strategy. So far, this …

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The return of oversight and investigations

Rep. Ike Skelton said he would revive the subcommittee on investigations and examine contract abuses and mistakes in the conduct of the war in Iraq if Democrats take control of the House …

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Bad borders

Ralph Peters asserts that while many problems contribute to the “comprehensive failure” that is the Middle East, one of the most important is not addressed: unjust borders [“Blood borders,” June]. He insists …

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To new British Army chief Gen. Richard Dannatt,

who in an interview with a British tabloid said that U.K. troops should withdraw from Iraq “soon” and their presence “exacerbates the security problems” in the country.

Unlike Gen. Peter Schoomaker’s speech, …

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Disjointed argument

While accomplishing the objective of being thought-provoking, Air Force Maj. Gen. Charles J. Dunlap Jr.’s article goes to show just how far our military mind-set has to go to achieve a true …

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In this issue

Afghanistan: So full of promise a few short years ago, so precariously perched today. NATO’s commander in Afghanistan, British Gen. David Richards warns that the country is at a tipping point where …

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A tide to turn

Cuts and red tape threaten the future of Navy labs

Fully loaded, an Arleigh Burke destroyer displaces 8,315 tons. It has four turbine engines, an Aegis Combat System that includes the 53C …

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