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This theory won’t fly

I take issue with retired Maj. Gen. Scales’ article, “The shape of brigades to come” [October]. Scales claims that Special Forces operations in Afghanistan and Northern Iraq, and the Stryker’s deployment in …

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Measuring success

How can we know if we are succeeding in Iraq? This is one of the central problems facing the Bush administration, and America, today. The counts of “enemy” bodies that characterized the …

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QDR’s crucial question

Sometime late this month or perhaps early in February the Pentagon will release its report on the 2005 Quadrennial Defense Review (QDR), by my count the fifth attempt of the “post-Cold War …

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The Air Force terminologist will: manage the Air Force Military Terminology Standardization Program ?

Who marshals neologisms, new meanings and nonwords? In the Air Force, it takes a terminologist. To be fair, the

tech industry uses this term as well (“The main

tasks of a terminologist …

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Off the radar

Missile defense was the administration’s highest priority.’ What happened?

“The deployment of effective missile defenses is an essential element of the United States’ broader efforts to transform our defense and deterrence policies …

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In this issue

The strong turnout for Iraq’s parliamentary elections offers hope that we are entering a new period in which Iraq begins to resolve its problems through a peaceful, democratic process. Our cover package …

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Disruptive voice

Cebrowski understood the value — and inevitability — of revolutionary change

Retired U.S. Navy Vice Adm. Arthur Cebrowski, who died Nov. 12, joins George S. Patton, Billy Mitchell, Hyman Rickover and others …

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The political battles ahead

The idea of a more-extended “tipping period” in Iraq was first advanced by Jeffrey White, a longtime analyst with the Defense Intelligence Agency and now an analyst at the Washington Institute for …

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